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Game Showcase: Temple Thieves

November 2, 2018

by legoseed

Community Creators

Temple Thieves has all the makings of a classic adventure film. The heroes, after a daunting expedition, find themselves trapped in a cursed tomb littered with dust and cobwebs. Giant axes are swinging from the ceiling, arrow traps are poised and ready to strike, and at the end of a dark spooky corridor, a treasure chest gleams under the flame of a nearby torch. As it turns out, this so happens to be the perfect setting for an amazing adventure game as well!

Brought to you by lead scripter Asleum, builder Frinigus, and music composer Abrasounds, Temple Thieves is packed full of thrills, top-notch programming and world design, and strategy to keep you on your feet. Fun fact: The game was built, programmed, and shipped in just two and a half months!

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

The goal is simple: work with your team to collect ancient relics and gems in the temple and escape. But to get the treasures, you must navigate through a series of deadly obstacles and traps. Once all five relics of the temple have been collected, the Dungeon Master is released and starts to hunt down anybody trying to escape his temple. You must run through the glowing door to return to the lobby with your treasures and points intact!

If you aren’t 100% confident in your obby skills or crave a challenge, there are three difficulty levels to choose from. Easy mode grants you ten lives, medium gives you five, and hard provides you with only one. Once you enter the waiting room for your chosen difficulty, you and your team can vote on which temple to conquer. You can try anything from the Temple of the Stars, the Temple of Chaos, and the ominous Spider Tomb.

The Dungeon Master searches to stop any thieves in his temple…

Don’t be scared! Satisfy your adventurous side and race to conquer the temples before you get caught! You can keep up with the latest news and updates on Temple Thieves by following developers Frinigus and Asleum on Twitter.