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PacketZoom Joins the Roblox Family

October 11, 2018

by Adam Miller

Product & Tech

Roblox is excited to announce the acquisition of PacketZoom. The team from PacketZoom will join Roblox to help ensure a continued quality mobile gaming experience for players around the world.

PacketZoom is a five-year-old start-up focused on re-designing mobile application performance with in-app networking technology. PacketZoom’s patented mobile networking solution was designed to overcome the limitations of slow and unreliable mobile networks and help ensure faster and lower latency data transfers worldwide.

The team from PacketZoom will help boost Roblox’s networking game engine as the company continues to grow its user base globally. Roblox users can expect to join games faster and have an overall better game experience on mobile platforms as the company integrates PacketZoom’s technology and IP.

As part of the acquisition, PacketZoom’s founder and CTO, Chetan Ahuja, along with the PacketZoom engineering team, will join Roblox.

We are excited to welcome PacketZoom to Roblox!