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2018 Summer Accelerator Games: Beach Simulator and Fairy World

October 16, 2018

by OldBaronMondo

Community Creators

Inspired developers are the heart and soul of Roblox, which is why we do everything we can to help their dream games become a reality. Every year we invite some of the most talented creators in the community to work with our world-class engineering and developer relations teams, right here at Roblox headquarters, as part of our Accelerator Program! Today we take a look at two summer Accelerator Program games that capture the joy of exploration and imagination: Beach Simulator and Fairy World.

Beach Simulator by Biostream

Beach Simulator only needs five seconds to teach you how to play: you walk down the beach, wave your metal detector, dig up trinkets, and sell them for sand dollars. After a few relaxing trips up and down the surf with your pet crab skittering beside you, you might think: hey, this game’s pretty neat.

And then at some point, you’ll zoom out and see that “Beach Simulator” is quite an understatement.

By the time you’re digging around Area 51 to find parts for an alien whose ship crash-landed, or saving up sand dollars to get your very own Wizard Elephant, you’ll realize that Beach Simulator has plenty of new discoveries and intrigues to match its simple, satisfying gameplay.

If you enjoy treasure hunts with a twist, by all means: hit the beach.

Fairy World by Sorcerers Supreme

Once upon a time, there was a vast and colorful kingdom where clans of fairies learned and explored together. That kingdom is Fairy World, and its treasures and knowledge are yours to discover.

There’s a lot to do in Fairy World. You can certainly fly around the beautiful gardens, parapets, and clouds hunting for gems to collect and spend on enchanted treasure, but layered on top of that gameplay is a full-fledged school simulator. Players can go to classes like reading, baking, and magic (all represented with unique minigames!) and even attend dances on campus. The result is a continuously-engaging and immersive fantasy world that’s a delight to visit.

You can pick up your wings anytime you like! Be sure to visit the brand-new magical plaza and check out the latest items.

Excited to learn more about more cutting-edge Accelerator and Incubator projects? Stay tuned for more feature articles on talented Roblox developers and their games!