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Neon District: Exploring a Futuristic Roblox City

September 21, 2018

by Orca_Sparkles

Community Creators

The year is 2047.

It’s late at night, and you can hear the sound of thunder rumbling in the city. Rain patters against the pavement. You take a deep breath, pulling in the smell of polluted air into your lungs as you admire the sight of the surrounding skyscrapers and buildings. It seems this storm is never-ending, but the city stands before you waiting to be explored. Grab your umbrellas. This is Neon District, a futuristic showcase game designed by InfiniteEffect.

If you need a break from the rain, warm up by the fire!

Turning the corner, you stumble upon a series of red lanterns, food carts, vending machines, ads written in Asian calligraphy, and tall city landscapes reminiscent of Hong Kong and Singapore. No detail has gone untouched to make this showcase as city-like as possible. Neon signs illuminate the streets, walls are covered in graffiti, newspapers fly around in the windy rain, and occasionally you’ll hear the sound of a police siren in the distance.

Some shops are open for business, like the cool “fasxion” store that’s covered in scrolling emoji faces. There are gyms, bike shops, ramen restaurants, and plenty more to see as you explore the winding streets surrounded by towering buildings.

Shop for latest cyberpunk trends at “fasxion.”

The city demands to be explored. There are buildings you can climb to give you a better view of the city and alleyways you can slip through. But perhaps the coolest area to explore is the underground waterway. Underneath the small river in the center of the city, you can explore the sewers and swim all the way to the underground water tank. What could be down there? You’ll have to play to find out!

A mysterious door! What could be down there?

Neon District uses amazing animations, sound effects, textures and more to give the player an immersive experience they won’t soon forget. Go explore Neon District today and be sure to follow InfiniteEffect on Twitter @Shiguto_RBU for more updates!