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Game Showcase: Cooking Simulator

September 26, 2018

by Legoseed


Everyone loves warm and flaky biscuits, sweet glazed donuts, and…sloth sandwiches? Why not? In Cooking Simulator, it’s your kitchen, your rules. You can cook dozens of mouthwatering recipes ranging from beloved classics to outrageous creations. Created by a team of skilled minds from The Cooking Boys, this game lets you experience the thrill of building your own culinary empire.

From the start, you’re given a wooden spatula and a recipe for waffles. As you start rising up the culinary ranks and raising a good chunk of money, you can unlock even more recipes, aprons, spatulas, and hats to customize your character.

The cooking system is simple and intuitive. Choose a recipe, equip your spatula, and click on a stove to start cooking. If you hit the target that flashes periodically around your screen, you’ll even get a cash bonus. As you upgrade your stove, you go from handling one recipe at a time to as many as twenty. Don’t get overwhelmed by all that food on your hands, though; there’s a hungry customer outside your kitchen who’s happily waiting to buy a nice prepared meal from you.

There are a plethora of recipes, so you’ll always have something new to create. Sure, you can make your typical favorites like cookies, donuts, BBQ ribs, and lobsters, but you also have a bizarre array of other menu items like sloth sandwiches, dragon meat, and spaghetti and eyeballs! More expensive recipes earn you more money per dish but take longer to cook, so it’s a balancing act to find how you can raise the most money possible in the quickest amount of time.

One interesting element that keeps the game challenging is the food inventory limit. On your back is a box that displays how many meals you’ve prepared and what your limit is before you must empty it. Once you’ve prepared as many meals as your apron can hold, you must locate Larry, the hungry customer, to sell him your food so you can get back to cooking. As you work your way up, you can buy aprons that store much more food so you won’t have to interrupt your cooking by having to constantly empty your apron.

As simulator games rise in popularity in Roblox, Cooking Simulator provides a fun and refreshing take on the genre. What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner master chef and fire up the stoves in Cooking Simulator. You can keep up with any game updates from the development team by following @Tofu, @RBLXcrackop, and @NiceGuyBoom on Twitter.