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Summer Tournament Event 2018

August 2, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

Roblox’s Summer Tournament is ON. Unleash your gaming skills and compete for a chance to earn glory, admiration, and awesome virtual prizes! Our newest limited-time event features three epic games, each with their own unique challenge to conquer. Complete them from now through August 16th to unlock exclusive rewards. Do you have what it takes to out-blox all other challengers?

Freeze Tag – What better way to cool down this summer than a few friendly matches of Freeze Tag? Avoid capture at all costs or tag the runners to freeze them in place. If your friends get frozen, don’t fret. You can tag them to release them from their frosty prison. Win a round as a runner in the new game mode Tagger Apocalypse to unlock a new virtual reward!

The Doom Wall II: Burst – Breakneck speeds, intense parkour action, high-octane courses, what’s not to love? Dash through a huge variety of worlds using lightning-fast reflexes to dodge obstacles. Think you’ve got the skills to survive the Doom Wall on the all-new level Beach Blithe? Cross the finish line on Beach Blithe and four other levels (no repeats) to earn a new virtual reward!

Spawn Wars – A true test of any tournament is seeing how well you work together as a team. Will your bonds grow stronger? Or will they collapse under the pressure? Protect your base by amassing enough resources to build your own fortress, then go on the offensive! Be on the team that destroys all enemy bases to get an exclusive virtual reward!

Complete the quests during the Summer Tournament Event to earn these awesome virtual prizes!