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Video Creator Spotlight: KreekCraft

August 9, 2018

by Orca_Sparkles

Community Creators

KreekCraft is a popular streamer and video creator who’s been playing Roblox games like Phantom Forces, Roblox High School, and Murder Mystery 2 since 2016. We had an opportunity to speak with him and learned all about his streaming career and what advice he had for other aspiring video creators.   

Q: How did you discover Roblox?

KreekCraft: I started out by playing Minecraft, but I later learned about a game called Phantom Forces on Roblox. I was blown away by how good it was! I kept streaming Roblox regularly after that.

Q: What encouraged you to create Roblox videos?

KreekCraft: My audience really enjoys watching me play Roblox, so they’re definitely a huge inspiration. And so is the Roblox community. Roblox has an amazing community where all the YouTubers, game devs, and community members interact and share games and ideas with each other, which in turn makes Roblox unique and fun.

Q: When you think about streaming, do you find there are certain types of games that work better than others?

KreekCraft: Games like Jailbreak, Murder Mystery, Island Royale, etc. all make for great streaming games because your audience can join you and easily play with you or against you. And then, if you’re like me and really like interacting with your audience, playing games that don’t require you to be looking at your screen 100% of the time also helps because you can keep up conversations with viewers in your chat.

Kreek flying across the world of Jailbreak!

Q: About how long does it take you to make a YouTube video, including recording, editing, etc.?

KreekCraft: YouTube videos normally take me around two to three hours to make. This might sound weird, but I always start off by pacing around my kitchen eating Fruit Gushers. It allows me to sort of “plan out” the video in my head. Recording the video takes around thirty minutes, editing about an hour, and finally, making a thumbnail on Photoshop takes about fifteen minutes. I recently got an editor (shoutout to @JamookLuke) who edits my videos for me, so that cuts down on the time required to make a video.

Q: We all saw you racing for the Dominus Venari! How did it feel to be the most watched streamer during the Roblox Ready Player One Adventure?

KreekCraft: It was insane! I remember this one kid who wrote me a really long message saying he was in the hospital for most of that month, but he watched literally all my streams and videos during that time. He said it helped him and he found almost all the keys and fragments. It’s a really humbling thing to hear and to think someone, let alone 6,000 people, would enjoy watching my videos…it’s a great feeling.

He found the Golden Egg!

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring Roblox streamers?

KreekCraft: I’d say make sure your streams are fun, interactive, engaging, and memorable. The biggest thing is to be different and unique. Try something new, even If it’s risky. For example, every big goal I hit I dance around in a horse mask. While it’s certainly weird, I can definitely say I’m the only person on YouTube who dances in a horse mask each day in front of hundreds of people, haha.

Is Kreek planning his next video now?

Thanks for talking to us, KreekCraft! If you want to check out his amazing videos and streams, you can watch him on his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter!