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2018 Spring Incubator Games: VentureLand and Feed Your Pets

August 16, 2018

by OldBaronMondo

Community Creators

When you mix talented teams of creators with the tools and expertise of the Roblox HQ, what you get is nothing short of magic. Our hand-picked developers in the incubator program aren’t just making games, they’re changing games: pioneering new mechanics, achieving technological miracles, and shattering player expectations with bold new experiences.

Today we look at two incubator projects you can play right now: the physics-defying city building game VentureLand and player-driven adventure game and farming simulator Feed Your Pets.

VentureLand by TeamVenture

What’s VentureLand, you ask? In simple terms, it’s a game where you gather resources to help build a city. But there’s never been a game where you gather your resources quite like this.

Let’s start by talking about the MorphKart.

It’s this. But don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

It’s a rocket-fast car that lets you cruise through the city so fast that all its bright colors become a blur. You can spring over obstacles with your jump or just crash right through them. And, at a press of a button, you can summon wings that carry you over the rooftops and into amazingly satisfying swoops, plunges, and loop-the-loops. Drop down into the surf and you’ll zip along the waves as a watercraft.

While you’re zooming and swooping and splashing through the game’s gorgeous environment, you’ll collect a resource called BLOX that lets you play the real game: filling in the game’s landscape however you want.

Freeway blocked up? There’s always the roller coaster.

Like so many great Incubator games, VentureLand grew from a small idea.

“We knew we wanted a MorphKart, and we knew players would be in a city,” says developer SmoothBlockModel. “We struggled with how to make players a part of the world and came to the conclusion to give each of them a ‘Tower’ or apartment that allowed them to contribute towards the overall look of the city. Once we had this idea, we moved along with the idea of having a ‘work-in-progress’ city that players could help build up by collecting more BLOX.”

Flying’s easy! So’s landing, I hope.

While you’re soaring off gathering BLOX and improving VentureLand in your way, development team TeamVenture is busy improving it in theirs. “Our master plan is to allow players to upgrade their morphs, and traverse areas they couldn’t before,” says SmoothBlockModel.

Considering you can already fly in the air and swim across the sea, that raises the question: what dimensions will we cross next?

You can get your apartment in VentureLand right now. Just a tip: look both ways before you cross the street.

Feed Your Pets by small games

Want a game about feeding pets? How about a game where you grow food for your pets? And how about a game where you explore huge and wonderful lands packed with excitement to get what you need to grow or trade food for your pets with other players?

That’s not even a hermit crab. That’s a major city crab.

You might not expect a game called Feed Your Pets to feature thrilling dives into tombs, ruins, and fantastical landscapesor to get such a massive adventure from a team called small games. But when it comes to playing Feed Your Pets, you’ll never know what to expect. A sentiment I quickly discovered when I stumbled upon a vast subterranean maze full of bugs after an excursion to a soothing beach.

I think that drive for adventure is a core part of the game,” says developer Wheatlies. “We want players to always have something new to find and discover and somewhere new to look forward to going, whether it’s exploring the strange scorpion-filled labyrinth below the pyramid or chasing a unicorn around some strange pink island in the ocean.”

You know, some pet games have no mysterious floating islands at all. Game-changing move.

It’ll take you a long time to see everything Feed Your Pets has to offer, and some parts are easier to get to if your pet’s higher level or has certain skills. That’s why you’ll need to cooperate with other players to get the most of the game’s available resources, lending the game its own intricate community.  By the time you’ve seen everything, there just might be a whole new world for you to explore.

“We’re working on completely recreating the map and adding a lot of new animals and content to the game. Hopefully, we’ll be able to release a huge update by the end of the summer.”

The sign’s very helpful! I didn’t want to make any assumptions about this fancy gerbil’s business model.

All the more reason to see the sights (and sow the seeds!) right now. Your pet’s mouth is already watering.

These are just two games to come from the spring 2018 incubator Program! Keep an eye on this space for even more exciting titles. As long as there are talented devs cracking away at bold and daring Roblox projects, there’ll be something new and groundbreaking for you to look forward to.