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Begin Your Cosmic Journey with the Universe Event

June 26, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

Have you wondered what lies beyond the stars? Could there be untold power, vast treasure, or ruthless alien civilizations, perhaps?! Your cosmic journey begins NOW with the Universe event! Defy gravity, save the world from destruction, and team up with an ancient hero for a chance to earn exclusive virtual prizes from now until July 10!

Heroes of Robloxia – It’s the dawn of a beautiful new day in the city of Robloxia, but don’t get too comfy. Whenever there’s light, darkness follows. A new evil is looming, and it’s up to the Heroes of Robloxia to save the world from impending doom. This time, they’ve got some new friends! Join forces and stop Cosminus before he crashes the moon into Earth!

Gravity ShiftThis mind-bending game adds a unique twist to the classic obby genre! Defy the laws of gravity and roll your ball up and down a perplexing maze filled with treacherous traps, steep ramps, narrow bridges, and more. Now you can challenge your friends on the new Universe levels! Race to the finish and find the glowing orbs.

Summoner Tycoon – Just like the prophecies foretold, a massive alien invasion is coming! Take part in a battle of epic proportions as you find a way to summon an ancient hero with the power to defeat these extraterrestrials for good. Uncover the crystals, solve the mysterious puzzle, and unlock the hidden relic before it’s too late.

Complete the quests during the Universe Event to earn these awesome virtual prizes!