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Avatar Context Menu

June 01, 2018

by darthskrill

Product & Tech Creators

Socialization has always been a major component on Roblox, whether you’re working together to figure out how to slay an epic boss in a role-playing game or simply hanging out with your friends. Today we’re excited to introduce a brand-new social feature that allows developers to easily build a more convenient way for players to interact with each other within the game world!

Introducing the Avatar Context Menu

Once a developer has implemented it in their game, the Avatar Context Menu allows players to click or tap directly on another character to bring up a menu with various options. If you accidentally select the wrong character, you can use the carousel to quickly navigate to another nearby person. Players will be able to do the following by default, but the options on this menu are fully customizable and can be disabled by the developer at will:

  • Add Friend: Send a friend request with the tap of a button.
  • Chat: Send a private/whisper chat message to that player.
  • Emotes: Currently, you can wave to the character you have selected. Eventually, we will provide a sub-menu that allows the player to pick from a list of emotes.

Some of these options are already available in the escape menu. However, the Avatar Context Menu provides an easy way to directly interact with other players without having to bring up the system menu. It also makes it easy to select an individual player within the game world.

Wave to your friends in Defaultio’s Lumber Tycoon 2! (PC)


Or chat with others players in MasterOfTheElements’ SHRED! (Mobile)

Developers could potentially allow players to give or exchange items/tools/gear/weapons, give gifts to each other, start an activity together, or other exciting possibilities. With new features like the Avatar Context Menu, we’re making it even simpler for developers to promote meaningful social interactions between players in their games. To learn how to enable and customize the Avatar Context Menu as a developer, check out this Wiki page.