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2nd Annual School’s Out Tournament

June 28, 2018

by free_tako


Light the fireworks! We present to you the sizzling, slamming, second-ever School’s Out Tournament!

You may be done with tests, but our gladiators sure aren’t: they’re gearing up for a final exam in the fine arts of lightning reflexes and devilish cunning. It’s admins and interns facing off in some of the most fiendish, white-knuckle games Roblox has to offer. The place is our YouTube and Twitch channels; the time is LIVE this Friday, June 29, at 2:00 PM PDT!

The Rules

What rules? It’s every admin and intern for themselves! There will be hours of events and plenty of opportunities to turn the tide, so they’ll need every trick in the book and a few that haven’t been written yet if they want a chance at the prize. (What prize, you ask? Read on.)

The Contestants

You don’t make it to the top of your game without collecting some rivals, and all of our contestants are at the tops of their games. This year’s all about settling grudges…and making new ones.


Fiercest Competitor: “PsyLawn. There’s beef and a score to settle.”

Battle Cry: (long, loud imitation of an airhorn)


Fiercest Competitor: “No one.”

Strategy: Constant uninterrupted movement.


Fight Song: Darude – Sandstorm

Fiercest Competitor: “Terrisaurus.”


Strategy: DESTROY.

Pet Peeve: Hummus.


Strategy: Get in the zone.

Pet Peeve: Calling longboards “skateboards.”


Hype Song: Despacito.

Spirit Animal: The guy on the Monopoly box.

The Prize

Golden Bucket Of Excellence

This bucket holds one head and one summer’s worth of glory. Whoever claims this will hold a unique trophy marking their victory forever.

Don’t let this red-hot competition go cold! Tune in this Friday at 2:00 PM PDT on YouTube or Twitch and cheer on your favorite competitor live.