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2018 Spring Accelerator Games: Robot 64 & Booga Booga!

June 14, 2018

by OrcaSparkles

Community Creators

Roblox’s Accelerator program is designed to provide young developers an opportunity to work with our engineering and developer relations teams to create incredible new games. During this annual program, many talented creators get to refine their skills and experience what it’s like to work in a professional environment. This year was no different, offering up a wealth of unique games and innovative gameplay mechanics. Let’s take a look at two Roblox Accelerator games taking the community by storm!

Robot 64 by zKevin

Behind Robot 64’s charming exterior is a modern 3D platformer that has everything you could possibly want from a new Roblox game. Original characters? Check! Amazing music? Check! Breathtaking worlds? Triple check! You play as Beebo, a cute robot who’s on a wacky mission to destroy the sun (and collect tons of candies and ice creams along the way).  

Everything in Robot 64 was designed from scratch by Roblox developer zKevin, including Beebo’s unique character design, the story, the music, and the worlds.

You can explore a huge variety of places, starting with Turtle Tops and Knoddy’s Resort—two vast worlds with their own unique landscapes and ways to travel. Turtle Tops, which is situated on the back of a floating turtle, lets you zoom through the sky using a jetpack. Meanwhile, Knoddy’s Resort lets you grind across wires on a funky skateboard. You can collect ice cream cones and coins to unlock new hats for Beebo to sport. Eventually you’ll unlock new worlds to explore, like underwater caverns and more!

With how much there is to explore, there’s tons of hours of gameplay to get through before you’ll reach the final boss. There’s secret areas with obstacle courses to conquer and even a level editor for additional building fun.

Booga Booga! by Soybeen

Jump into a world of island fun with Booga Booga! Created by Soybeen, the world of Booga Booga is one you could easily spend hours playing. Whether you’re gathering supplies, hunting for food, exploring the sea, or battling other tribes, the possibilities are endless.

The world of Booga Booga is vast and includes various styles of terrain, including mountains, grass, volcanoes, and icebergs. There are also weather cycles, so depending on the day, you could be hiding from a downpour or hunting in the bright sun. Each area comes with a variety of unique animals to hunt and objects to collect.

Your character begins the game alone on an island with a simple rock. But never fear, it doesn’t stay that way for long. As you explore and begin to find various items, you can craft rafts, fences, and camps, all to begin building your tribe!

The best part of Booga Booga is getting your friends together to create a large tribe. With the tribe system, you can group up with your friends to explore the island, build structures, and take on other tribes! Band together with your friends to efficiently conquer islands and destroy large creatures you couldn’t take on alone! The more you craft together, the better weapons and defense you can create. Plus, depending on where you start, you can form different types of tribes each time, so even if you start over, it’ll be a different experience every time. With your tribe of friends, you can conquer all the islands in the world of Booga Booga!

Roblox Accelerators are continuing to push the platform forward in new and exciting ways with innovative games like these. Booga Booga and Robot 64 are available now for players to try!