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2018 Spring Accelerator Games: BLOODFEST & Time Clash

June 22, 2018

by OldBaronMondo

Community Creators

Inspired young developers are the heart and soul of Roblox, which is why we do everything we can to give them the tools they need to make awesome games. Every year, we invite a group of talented creators from the community to our headquarters to work with our world-class engineering and developer relations teams and make their games even better. 

Today we check out two more games from our spring Accelerator Program that are already making waves; specifically, waves of club-swinging cavemen and zombies with rocket launchers.

BLOODFEST by doneyes

BLOODFEST has zombies with rocket launchers.

The good news is that they can’t hit you with a rocket and blow you to smithereens if you keep moving. The bad news is you’re moving right towards more zombies with rocket launchers. Or zombies with machetes. Or exploding zombies.

The machetes are unnerving, but it’s the zombie halitosis that keeps me up at night.

The rhythm of BLOODFEST is as straightforward as it is delightful. You buy weapons and skills, head out with your teammates, take down zombies together, and bring back money and experience. Lock, load, rinse, repeat. You’ll soon find out if you’ve been spending all that money and XP wisely, because as the game progresses the waves of zombies range from “extremely dangerous” to “what the heck IS that?”

You can customize your zombie-fighting outfit, but I recommend against the Sausage Link Tuxedo.

The game’s got no shortage of skills, weapons, and ways to play. According to the game’s creator doneyes, you can thank the Accelerator Program for that: “The Accelerator Program gave me the time and space to give the game much-needed content. This program helped me revamp the game for mobile, add the new melee class, and launch the weapon skins update.”

If you want your tickets to BLOODFEST, step right up. There’ll be a wave coming along any second now, just for you.

Time Clash by Hexogen Studios

Time Clash is a historical, real-time, third-person base defense strategy action game. If you had to define a genre for it, the only possible answer would be “Time Clash by Hexogen Studios.”

Like many games, Time Clash challenges you to attack an enemy’s base while defending your own, but you’re not just managing yourself: you’re leading an army.

“You have to battle to earn gold,” explains developer Ben_Est, “which allows you to build a better base and train more troops. Once you do that a few times you’ll be able to upgrade your town hall and arrive in the next time period. This opens up new levels of weaponry, troops, and better items to build with.” Personally, I found the game really picked up once I hit the time period “Two Hours After I Was Supposed to Go to Bed.”

Behold: a thoughtfully-laid-out and well-defended base. Not mine, obviously.

The game’s slick big-picture interface and the bold art design for the base and the soldiers do a great job at helping you balance all these elements while keeping the heat on your enemy. The result is a constantly engaging and unique strategy title whose Clashes are well worth your Time.

My winning strategy: sneak up on buildings when they’re not looking.

Though Ben_Est is always working on new options for warriors and strategists alike, the game’s already a blast no matter your approach. Your army awaits.