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Inspiring a New Generation of Creators with Roblox Education

May 31, 2018

by YoSoyTofu


Today we’re delighted to announce the debut of Roblox Education, an initiative aimed at inspiring imagination, creativity, and learning through access to fun educational tools. It’s no secret that there are millions of games on Roblox. But anyone who’s unfamiliar with us would be surprised to hear that all these experiences have been developed by a global community of talented creators—some as young as ten years old! Roblox’s roots have always been steeped in STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). By giving people the tools to explore their imagination, we’ve empowered an entire generation of people to develop the skills they need to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and creators.

Roblox Educational Curriculum for Teachers

Over the past year, we’ve been building the Roblox Educational Curriculum—free, configurable courseware that gives educators the opportunity to leverage Roblox as an educational tool in their classrooms, after-school programs, and summer camps. The curriculum is available now and includes everything educators need to teach kids, ages 10 and up, technical and entrepreneurial skills on Roblox, such as step-by-step tutorials, handouts, lesson guides, and more.

More information about the Roblox Educational Curriculum can be found at

Summer with Roblox Studio

The launch of our Roblox Education initiative couldn’t have come at a better time. This summer, more than 500 coding camps and online programs around the world will be using Roblox Studio to teach young creators the fundamentals of coding, game design, digital citizenship, and entrepreneurship. Each summer camp will have a customized course catering to a variety of subject matters and skills.

That’s not all—we’ll also be inviting 45 young developers from the Roblox community to our headquarters as part of our summer Accelerator internship program. Over the course of 12 weeks, these skilled creators will explore a career in game development by working closely with our product engineering and developer relations teams to build and enhance their own games.

Roblox Spring 2018 Accelerators

For more information and resources on our continuing Roblox Education programs, we invite you to visit the new page. We look forward to inspiring millions more students to learn, create, and explore on Roblox.