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Egg Hunt 2018 Recap

May 7, 2018

by free_tako


On March 28, more than 5 million unique players ventured into the pages of the Eggcyclopedia in an epic quest to defeat Aymor and discover 45 unique eggs. That’s a lot of eggs! In fact, it was the largest batch of eggs released in Roblox history.

Thanks to the devotion of our players, Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales skyrocketed to take its place as our most epic Egg Hunt yet featuring a dozen, beautifully-crafted maps, over 200 in-game characters, and an immersive storyline from start to finish. Garnering over 57 million gameplays, the Egg Hunt brought the entire Roblox community together to crack this eggstraordinary annual adventure. We wanted to share some awesome stats with you to reflect this outstanding feat. 

Thank you to Fifteam for all the dedication they put into making this event outstanding, and thank you to all the players who helped save the Multi-Eggverse once more. While all the virtual egg prizes have already been accounted for, you can always revisit the game to see Booker and experience the eggventure all over again.

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