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Battle for Glory in the Battle Arena Event

May 15, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

IIIIIT’S BLOXIN’ TIME! Introducing the Robloxian in the red corner… YOU! Step into the ring for the Roblox Battle Arena Event from now until May 29 to get exclusive virtual prizes in three action-packed games! Battle for honor and glory today!

  • Ultimate Boxing – Combine cardboard boxes with an epic medieval-like competition and you get Ultimate Boxing! Customize your mount…er, box, and square off against fierce opponents in a competitive arena. Unlock the Achiever Badge (complete any five achievements) or be King of the Sea for more than half the round to earn up to two virtual prizes!
  • Elemental Battlegrounds – Punch, block, and unleash powerful spells to obliterate your foes! Survive waves of enemies and defeat the boss in survival mode to earn a virtual prize. Or find the Master of sound, and complete his quests to unlock a virtual prize AND a mighty new element that’s sure to give you an edge in the combat zone.
  • Giant Survival 2! – It’s a classic tale: the underdogs, armed with a mere crossbow, versus a giant rampaging Robloxian carving a savage path of destruction against everything that stands in his way. Who will come out on top?! Be the last player standing in the new PVP game mode or stop the giant before he destroys 50% buildings to earn up to two virtual prizes.

Complete the missions in the Battle Arena Event and these awesome virtual prizes could be yours!

And be sure to catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters on May 25!