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And the Winner of the Roblox Ready Player One Adventure Is…

April 04, 2018

by YoSoyTofu

Community Events

After three exciting weeks of intense competition—from solving mysterious riddles to completing epic scavenger hunts—one person has finally emerged victorious in the Roblox Ready Player One Adventure. We’re proud to announce that r0cu was the one to unlock the final gate and win the Dominus Venari! HUGE congratulations to you for a hard-earned victory!

Dominus Venari

If you were one of the tens of thousands of people watching the livestreams on YouTube and Twitch on April 3, you would know that this was a nail-biter of a finish. More than 2,000 dedicated Gunters in the Roblox community were ALL racing tooth and nail to the Golden Egg, but only ONE could be declared the ultimate winner.

Our favorite moment was watching everyone working together to decipher the meaning of the final clue. Early on, a few eagle-eyed players discovered that the first letter of each line in the riddle spelled out the word “COFFEE.” THOUSANDS of them sprinted to the coffee shop in Hardboiled City in Egg Hunt 2018, clicking everything, talking to everyone, and even chatting random phrases. But the true answer was instead found on an (seemingly) ordinary “help wanted” sign on the window (a.k.a. the “distress call” from the riddle). Players needed to unscramble the word “URGENT” on the sign to spell out—you guessed it—“GUNTER”!

The Roblox team watching intensely to see if one of these livestreamers will win…

From there, they were teleported to the final location: Mega Corporation, a grueling obby made up of some of the most dangerous traps in Roblox history. After making it past a handful of lasers, moving platforms and walls, and a LAVA PIT (seriously, what villain doesn’t have one?), players needed to answer ten trivia questions about Roblox and Ready Player One in a minute or less to deactivate the security system and defeat Dr. Mega. We won’t spoil what happens next, but trust us—this is an ending every Roblox fan needs to see. Fun fact: there was a total of 75,810 “oofs” before someone found the Golden Egg.

The menacing Mega Corporation building sits in a dormant volcano…

You’ve GOT to see what’s waiting for you inside this building.

We’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in this extraordinary event. You all joined forces to save the Roblox universe and put an end to Mega Corporation, completing some real tough challenges, sharing fascinating theories about the clues, and hopefully making a lot of new friends along the way.

Don’t forget—just because the Dominus Venari has been claimed doesn’t mean you can’t win awesome virtual prizes! You can still collect all three keys and open the gates across JailbreakPhantom Forces (or Mobile Piano for mobile players), Hexaria, and Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales from now ‘til April 11 to earn the exclusive Golden Wings of the Pathfinder, plus the bronze-colored crowns!

Golden Wings of the Pathfinder

Stay tuned, we’ll have a full wrap-up of the adventure (and some fun stats) on the blog soon!