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Dive into the Roblox Atlantis Event

April 17, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

Thousands of years ago, ancient treasures from the lost city of Atlantis were sunk to the bottom of the Roblox sea. They were thought to be lost forever, in the dark corners of Davy Jones’ inventory. Now, rumor has it that these treasures have been spotted and Roblox treasure hunters all over the world are taking to the high seas to find the legendary loot. Better get your sea legs: the waves are about to get choppy. It’s as if the waters of Roblox itself want to keep you at bay…

Dive headfirst into the ultimate seafaring adventure: the Roblox Atlantis Event, sponsored by McDonald’s® Happy Meal! Explore three oceanic games to earn exclusive virtual prizes from now until May 1. What ancient treasures and secrets will you uncover?

  • Tradelands – Exploring the open seas may seem daunting, but not if you’ve got a trusty crew by your side! Speak with a concerned sailor at your home port and investigate a shipwreck to find yourself in an undiscovered land where puzzles—and monsters—await you. Even more treasure awaits if you can help the old captain find the shortest short sword in the world.
  • Disaster Island – What really happened to Atlantis? Did it sink? Was it destroyed by a giant beast? Uncover the truth in Disaster Island: On the new Forgotten Temple map, find a key that unlocks the temple doors in the lobby and seek the treasure within. Or survive the wrath of the kraken on the new map, Deep Sea Dive, to get another prize.
  • SharkBite – No seafaring adventure is complete without a few bloodthirsty sharks, right? During the Chest Chase bonus round, be the first player to retrieve the treasure chest that falls from the sky without getting caught. Or, while playing as the shark, knock out 3 people within 20 seconds to earn another virtual prize.

Atlantis Event Virtual Prizes