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Roblox Emerges as a Top Online Entertainment Platform

March 21, 2018

by YoSoyTofu


Hey there, Robloxians! This week, we’re attending the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, CA, talking shop with hundreds of professionals from all corners of the gaming industry. This event is a huge opportunity for us to spread the word about our platform and just how crazy popular it is across the world. Indeed, according to a recent report from media measurement and analytics company comScore, Roblox has emerged as a top online entertainment platform for kids and teens based on average monthly visits and time spent. That’s some pretty amazing stuff. To put it all into perspective, check out these charts below!

For time spent in December, Roblox tops the list for kids (under 13) with 51.5 million hours, followed by YouTube (19.4 million hours) and Netflix (3.4 million hours). Roblox came in second for teens (13-17) with 32.5 million hours, behind YouTube (59.4 million hours).

With respect to average monthly visits in December, Roblox tops the list for kids with 25.5 visits per month, followed by YouTube (7.9) and Pandora (6.6). Roblox also tops the list for teens with 26.9 visits per month, followed by YouTube (14.7) and Pandora (11.1).

These results tell us that young adults are becoming more and more interested in immersive, interactive experiences like those you’d find on Roblox. Read what Peter Gray, research professor of psychology and author of Free to Learn, had to say about these findings:

“Kids crave and need self-directed play–play is how they learn to take initiative, be creative, solve problems, and collaborate with peers,” said Gray. “In past decades, children could satisfy their play needs by running freely with friends in the neighborhood, but today their time is filled with schoolwork and adult-structured after-school activities. Providing opportunities for self-directed, creative, social play online is a valuable means of helping our children develop the skills they need for success in today’s world.”  

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. It’s important to note that comScore only tracks use on the desktop and thus under-reports total online usage; in fact, over half of Roblox’s usage is on mobile devices and Roblox is consistently a top downloaded app on Android and iOS devices.

Our success is all thanks to you—the Roblox community. You’re the reason why we’re so eager to continue building the greatest virtual playground the world has ever seen. Your dedication to our platform, in addition to the response we’ve been getting from members in the gaming industry at GDC, has been incredibly inspiring and supportive. We look forward to seeing where your imagination takes us to next.