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Plot Your Escape in the Roblox Labyrinth Event

January 16, 2018

by Roblox

Community Events

Do you remember how you got here? Two rights, then left at the sign… Now, which of these paths to take? Remember, down one of these corridors lies treasure. Down the others… you’d rather not find out.

You’ve been dropped into the middle of the Roblox Labyrinth Event! From now until January 30th, weave your way through the twists and trials for a chance to break free with exclusive virtual loot! Can you outmaneuver lurking monsters, raging floods, and your fellow escapees? Best of luck!

  • Parkour Tag! – It’s time for high-flying, death-defying acrobatics! Leap through daring twists and turns of the all-new stage, the beautiful island of Crete. Locked deep within this island is a gift, which will only reveal itself to the most epic of thrill-seekers. Parkour your way to one of the three hidden switches before time runs out, and the prize shall be yours.
  • Flood Escape 2 – What’s the secret to making a maze even more difficult to navigate? Just add water! In the all-new map, Forgotten Tombs, you and your friends must discover a hidden switch to unlock a secret room somewhere within this ancient burial chamber. But be warned—the journey will be tougher and the water will rise faster.
  • The Labyrinth – Beyond these narrow labyrinthine corridors lies a mysterious treasure left undisturbed for several millennia. Many have been lured by its promise of untold riches, but none have come close to discovering its secret location. When one of your fellow Robloxians goes missing during one of these treasure expeditions, it’s up to you to find them! Navigate the maze, save your friend, and discover the lost treasure!