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Customize the Color of Your Terrain Materials

December 12, 2017

by Qiblox

Product & Tech Creators

One of the most exciting things about working at Roblox is not only getting to collaborate with the developer community to implement awesome new features, but also getting to see just how wildly imaginative their creations can be. To make it even easier to express your creativity on the Roblox platform, we recently shipped a new feature in Studio that allows you to customize the color of your terrain!

Do you want purple snow? Blue mud? Perhaps you’d like to add a subtle mossy look to your rocks? No problem! You can now apply a new color to any type of material in the terrain properties tab.


What’s especially cool about this feature is that it allows you to give old environments a new look and feel simply by changing the color of the materials. Check out these comparisons:

This feature is now available for all players and creators alike! We invite you to revisit some of your previous creations to see how you can make them evolve into an entirely different kind of experience with a fresh coat of paint. Show us what you’ve created by posting photos of your creations on the Developer Forum!