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The 5th Annual Bloxy Awards Nominations Are Open!

November 03, 2017

by Roblox

Community Creators

Roblox has grown tremendously in the past year. Over the course of 2017, our incredibly talented community used the platform to create more immersive and fun experiences than we could have ever imagined. As we approach the end of the year, we want to celebrate your creativity and marketing savvy and highlight the most impressive games, experiences, and more. Starting today, the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards are open for nominations!

Nominations will remain open until Friday, November 17th.

Click here to nominate your favorites!

To spice up this year’s awards ceremony and bring even more incredible talent to the stage, we’re adding several new Bloxy Awards categories for you to submit nominations! Now you can nominate your favorite games and experiences for…

Quirkiest Game:

Sometimes there’s no telling where a powered-up imagination will lead. If you’re not quite sure what you just played, you can be sure it belongs in this category.

Best Showcase Render:

There are endless possibilities for creating beautiful builds on Roblox, and many showcases highlight this. A stunning render can show off just how amazing a showcase can be.

Best Game Trailer:

A good trailer isn’t just an advertisement, but a work of art. This award is for trailers that present their games creatively and effectively.

Best Avatar Render:

Some avatars just know how to work the camera! This award celebrates renders that show off some of the best pictures of the coolest avatars.

…Just to name a few. We’ll be awarding Bloxy Awards to the winners of many classic and all-new categories, which you can learn more about below!


For all the different reasons you love Roblox, you’ll find a category to nominate your favorite experience.  There’s a lot to nominate, so we’ve split the Bloxy nominations into five themes so that you can find the categories that you care most about.

Roblox Developers:

Our developers are always hard at work creating artistic, top-of-the-line experiences so that you can always find new places where you can play. Give back to your favorite developers by nominating their games in the following categories:

Favorite Breakout Game

Favorite Updated Game

Hardest Roblox Game

Best Single Player Game

Best Team-Based Multiplayer Game

Best Free-For-All Multiplayer Game

Best Art Direction in a Game – NEW!

Best Tutorial – NEW!

Quirkiest Game – NEW!

Roblox Builders:

Players and developers alike owe their thanks to builders, the fearless architects who turn blank screens into wonderful designs. Pay respect to their vital work by nominating them for the following awards:

Favorite Showcase

Favorite Map

Best Lobby

Best GUIs

Best Original Character – NEW!

Best Showcase Render – NEW!

Roblox Creators:

Roblox is about so much more than the games. These awards belong to the personalities, directors, editors, artists, composers, and other creators who make the Roblox experience so rich and vibrant:

Best Video (YouTube/Twitch) Channel

Best Comedic Video

Best Action Video

Best Music Video

Best Fan Art

Best GIF

Favorite Live Streamer

Best Original Music Score

Best Game Trailer – NEW!

Best Custom Items – NEW!

Best Tweet – NEW!

Roblox Community:

The Roblox Community is a special one, filled with multi-talented individuals. From clothes, to renders, to graphics, there are many ways to be involved with our immensely creative community. Nominate your favorites for a variety of awards:

Best Clothing Company

Best Social Group

Best Game Logo – NEW!

Best Twitter Channel – NEW!

Best Avatar Render – NEW!

Best Roblox Developer Toy – NEW!

Top Prizes:

Finally, we have some of the most highly anticipated Bloxy Awards! Every year we see games, builders, and videos that are a cut above the rest. Nominate your all-time favorites of 2017 here:

Solo Developer of the Year

Studio of the Year – NEW!

Builder of the Year

Game of the Year

Video of the Year

Mobile Game of the Year – NEW!

Xbox Game of the Year – NEW!


Nominate your favorite creations and accomplishments from the Roblox community now!

Spread the word! Be part of the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #BloxyAwards. Let’s get out there and celebrate everything we love about Roblox!