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Nightmare Before Bloxtober, Sponsored by Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok

October 03, 2017

by Roblox


Vampires and werewolves and mummies, oh my! The Nightmare Before Bloxtober has begun, sponsored by Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok, with hair-raising horrors and spine-tingling treasures!

From now until October 16, Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok is bringing frightful fun to Roblox with Bloxtober-themed missions in three thrilling games. Get your adrenaline pumping while you survive the treacherous seas in Whatever Floats Your Boat. Or, try to last the night in Before the Dawn. Hunt down your prey in this Gladiator Edition of Assassin! before you become hunted yourself. These prizes are available for a limited time only, so join the haunt before the clock runs out…

Be sure to check out the Thor-inspired mission in this high-flying, Hulk smashing, and space fighting event! And be sure to see Marvel Studios Thor: Ragnarok in theatres on November 3rd!

  • Whatever Floats Your Boat – Your boat is your sanctuary as you seek to escape this living nightmare of endless waves on the churning open seas. Find Skull Island and its hidden mystery before facing an untimely demise, and challenge your friends to earn exclusive virtual prizes.


  • Before the Dawn – It’s darkest just before dawn in more ways than one. The stillness is broken by a sharp howl and the nearby rustle of leaves. You know they’re out there – but where? Survive the night as your worst nightmares look for their next victim. Earn your prizes (and avoid a grisly end) by escaping…if you can.


  • Assassin! – Hunt or be hunted; that’s the name of the game in this Gladiator Edition. Eliminate your monstrous targets and craft a legendary gladiator weapon in order to earn a special reward for your efforts.

Check out the Nightmare Before Bloxtober Event Page!