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Get Tricks and Treats in the Hallow’s Eve Event, Sponsored by the Nerf Brand!

October 18, 2017

by Roblox

Community Events

Far off in Halloween Village, the rusty gates to the haunted house have creeeaked open. What terrifying secrets wait for you inside? Pick up your Nerf blaster and join your friends to find out! Today, Roblox is unleashing our most thrilling and chilling adventure yet: The Hallow’s Eve Event, sponsored by the Nerf brand! From now until October 31st, you can win exclusive virtual prizes in six spooktacular missions, including one ALL-NEW ghostly game!

These prizes are available for a limited time only, so gather your courage and play with your friends today! This adventure is sure to be a scream. Ahahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHA!

Azure Mines – What’s spookier than exploring a mine alone at night? Not much. But you’ll need to brave the coldest, darkest depths of Azure Mines if you want to win some exclusive virtual prizes for your avatar. Luckily, with your Nerf blaster in hand, you should have nothing to fear. Help the mad scientist retrieve 10 pieces of Sulfur or 20 pieces of Pumpkinite. Just be careful…who knows what lurks in the shadows beyond the path?

Blox Hunt – The wicked ghouls of Hallow’s Eve are up to no good on this eerie night… Can you fool their Robloxian minions and successfully escape? Or will you succumb to their mischievous tricks and join their undead legion? Avoid detection as a Hider or use your Nerf blaster as a Seeker to find all the hiders on the new and exclusive “Blox Manor” level to win some frightful virtual items for your Roblox avatar!

Hallow’s Eve: A Tale of Lost Souls – An ALL-NEW heart-pounding Roblox adventure game created exclusively for the Hallow’s Eve event, sponsored by the Nerf brand! When a mysterious rumor starts spreading about an abandoned orphanage at Halloween Village, you feel compelled to uncover the creepy, crawly secrets that await inside… Explore otherworldly environments, meet new friends and foes, and stop an evil plot from coming to fruition. Grab your Nerf blaster and save the lost souls to win exclusive virtual items now!