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Watch the RDC UK Roblox Tournament LIVE

August 2, 2017

by Felix_Phoenix

Community Events

You’ve seen Roblox developers and staff battle it out at our HQ for the Snowed-In and School’s Out Tournaments. Now, Roblox is headed across the Atlantic for a tournament of epic proportions! Five top-notch Roblox developers and players from the UK and beyond will face off at YouTube Space London. The event will be hosted by YouTube extraordinaires DollasticDreams and MicroGuardian! Watch the event LIVE on Saturday, August 5, at 4:30pm BST on our official YouTube channel for the chance to win free Roblox toys!

MicroGuardian (left) and DollasticDreams (right)

The Rules:

  • Five Roblox developers and players from the UK and abroad
  • Three surprise Roblox games
  • 90 minutes of intense competition for the title of Roblox Tournament Champion!

The Contestants:

We have scoured the globe for five Roblox competitors worthy of fighting for the title.

First off is MasterOfTheElements, a Roblox developer who has traveled to both RDC US and UK! He created LAZER back in 2015 and brandishes the no-nonsense strategy, “One shot, one kill, no luck, pure skill!” When asked if he had a message for his opponents, he only said, “I apologize ahead of time for ruining your RDC ;)” What tricks does he have up his sleeve? WHAT HORRORS WILL HE UNLEASH? Better step up your game, challengers!


Second on the roster is Virtual_blocks, a Roblox developer from 2011 who is terrified of goldfish! Better hope we don’t play Fish Simulator! He’s thrilled to spend time at RDC UK with other developers. Will he take home the title of Roblox Tournament Champion? He doesn’t think so, but I’d keep my eye on this dark horse.

Next up is Alvinbloxx. He sure does have a picture of Builderman’s face on his shirt! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for how much he loves Roblox. He’s excited to network with other developers and YouTubers, so keep a lookout for this one on the conference floor! With the power of Mountain Dew and Doritos, Alvinbloxx is sure he can win the day!

Jjwood1600 is our next competitor, and he’s bringing the heat! This developer has attended every RDC since 2015. The first Roblox game that he ever played was Daxter33’s Paintball in 2013! What’s his strategy to beat his opponents? “Score more points than everyone else,” of course! With a plan that complicated, only a master could hope to pull it off. Good luck!

Last but not least is ROBLOX_Clothing! He has the homefield advantage as a native Londoner. That’s not allhe’s been playing Roblox since 2008, longer than any of the competition! With that much experience, he’s capable of just about anything…except playing and recording games at the same time. When asked if he had a message for the competition, ROBLOX_Clothing responded like a true British gentleman: “As sporting as it would be to wish you all good luck, that would just lower my chances.”

Mark it on your calendar!

Good luck to all our contestants! And don’t forget—tune in on Saturday, August 5 at 4:30pm BST (that’s 8:30am PDT) on our official channel to see who comes out on top and for a chance to win free Roblox toys!

Want to join the RDC UK hype? Use the hashtag #RDC2017 on Twitter to spread the word!