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Think Outside the Blox in Roblox’s Imagination Event

August 15, 2017

by Roblox

Community Events

Over the past ten years, the Roblox community has created games, art, experiences, and worlds from nothing but their hard work and imagination. Once again, it’s time to put your ingenuity to the test with Roblox’s Imagination Event! From now until August 28, we have new missions for you to beat across three creative Roblox games. Use your sharp minds and original ideas to win exclusive virtual prizes! How far can you think outside the Blox?

MeepCity – Whether you’re fishing at the docks, hanging out at the ice cream parlor, or imagining with your friends, there’s always a fun and exciting adventure just waiting to happen in MeepCity. Now’s your chance to step up your home designer game with some whimsical items at the furniture store! Show off your creativity and upgrade your estate with at least three pieces of Imagination Event furniture to earn a new virtual prize for your avatar.

Dinosaur Simulator – Dinosaurs and aliens working together?! Anything’s possible if you can imagine it. Stomp, roar, and devour your way through this epic prehistoric adventure to save a crash-landed alien ship. You’ll need to find at least ten hidden Isotopes to rescue your new extraterrestrial friends. If you can accomplish this mission, you’ll be rewarded with a new virtual prize! Don’t forget to keep your dinosaur energized with food and water!

Fashion Frenzy – What better way to express your creativity than fashion? Break free from conventional styles and use your imagination to become the ultimate trendsetter! Explore the show floor to discover new threads related to the Imagination Event and try pairing them with some super chic accessories to stand out from the crowd. Become a top 5 finalist by wearing at least two Imagination Event items to win a new virtual item for your avatar!