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Explore the Stars with Voltron in the Roblox Universe Event

July 27, 2017

by Roblox

Community Events

The universe is in peril once again. Voltron, the Legendary Defender of the Universe, needs your help to fight the forces of evil. Complete these intergalactic missions across three action-packed Roblox games from now until August 10th to win exclusive virtual prizes! Afterwards, you can watch DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix, with all new episodes streaming on August 4!

TNT Rush – Join your friends in an explosive intergalactic battle for survival! Prove your strength by winning three rounds on any map or collecting all five of the Bayards to receive exclusive virtual prizes! The final Black Bayard can only be attained by summoning the courage to defeat Prince Lotor at the Castle of Lions!

Flood Escape – A devious trap laid by none other than the evil Prince Lotor, heir to his father’s throne, has led to a catastrophic disaster at a coalition outpost. If you can successfully escape with the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Bayards in tow, you’ll earn an exclusive virtual prize! The Black Bayard is especially tricky to find, but retrieving it will net you a second prize for your avatar.

Moon Tycoon – Establish the Voltron coalition’s base of operations and begin planning the ultimate assault on Prince Lotor’s evil forces! By completing various objectives, you’ll be able to collect Bayards for the lions. Take them back to the Black Lion to win an exclusive virtual item. You can earn one more prize by figuring a way to get across the lava blocking the temple. If only there was a way you could mine for blocks to create a bridge…