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Introducing Portrait Mode & Dynamic Thumbstick

June 22, 2017

by Roblox

Product & Tech Community

We’re excited to announce that Roblox now supports portrait mode on mobile devices! Today, you and your friends can experience playing Roblox in a whole new way starting with two of the most popular user-generated games on the platform: Natural Disaster Survival and MeepCity.

Natural Disaster Survival (Created by Stickmasterluke)

The name says it all. If you haven’t played this Roblox classic yet, you’re in for a treat. But if you already have, we recommend checking it out in portrait mode! Natural Disaster Survival can now be played entirely in portrait or landscape mode, allowing you to switch dynamically between either orientation. See which style of play suits you best!

MeepCity (Created by alexnewtron)

MeepCity, the popular role-playing game that’s seen nearly 400 million visits since its inception, is getting even better on mobile with some exciting portrait mode-enabled features of its own. Try playing the fishing mini-game or check out the store to get a better view of all the items available!

Dynamic Thumbstick

Our new control scheme, “Dynamic Thumbstick,” has been designed specifically for portrait mode and one-handed gameplay, although it works well for landscape too. When it’s enabled, left- or right-handed players can touch and drag their finger anywhere along the lower portion of the screen to move their avatar. If your avatar encounters a short ledge or gap, he/she will automatically jump over it to provide a more streamlined experience. If you prefer, you can still tap on the lower portion of the screen to jump while moving or standing still.

The image below shows how the control scheme works in portrait mode. If you’re in landscape mode, the controls are exactly the same with the only difference being that now the bottom half of the screen (rather than the bottom ⅖ of the screen) is used for moving your character.

We can’t wait for more developers to be inspired by the new and exciting gameplay possibilities that portrait mode provides. Stay tuned for more news about what other games you can start playing in portrait mode in the near future.