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E3 2017 Takes User-Generated Gaming to a New Level

June 20, 2017

by YoSoyTofu

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is one of the biggest events for millions of gamers across the world – myself included! Last week, dozens of gaming companies ranging from AAA studios to indie developers showed off their latest upcoming games and technology in an electrifying setting jam-packed with giant 4K televisions, larger-than-life gaming attractions and exhibits, and tons of playable demos. A dream come true for tens of thousands of attendees all over the country.

Photo Credit: Copyright © 2017 – ESA Entertainment Software Association

It’s always exciting to see when more studios put the power of creativity into the hands of the players – something that Roblox has embraced as its mission since its inception. E3 2017 introduced a variety of impressive games that put the spotlight on immersive, user-generated experiences in all kinds of forms. Games like Ubisoft’s first customizable toys-to-life venture Starlink: Battle for Atlas made its debut appearance, while Bohemia Interactive put a new spin on the popular sandbox genre with Ylands. Meanwhile, Traveller’s Tales announced that Lego Worlds is getting its first-ever expansion pack. Ultimately, enabling creative expression for more people means more innovative experiences for everyone.  

What separates Roblox from all these games, however, is that we allow anyone to create ANY kind of experience imaginable…and you can even get paid for it! Rather than constraining creators’ imagination to pre-built assets, Roblox gives players the freedom to decide what to build. You can create places to hang out with friends online, build immersive role-playing games, re-enact massive multiplayer battles with zombies, and so much more. The possibilities for creation are limitless and go beyond games to include 3D models or clothing for avatars. And the best part of it all? Roblox is already available now for free with over 29 million user-generated games and experiences across computers, smartphones, consoles, and even virtual reality headsets.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of incredible environments you can make in Roblox!

Walking away from this year’s E3, I can’t help but feel fortunate to be part of an industry that’s filled with the most creative world-builders, storytellers, and digital artists of all time. What’s inspiring to me is that Roblox is helping foster an entire generation of young, up-and-coming creators who are creating the future of digital experiences. Why not see what you can create and play on Roblox right now? Who knows…maybe you might find yourself on stage at E3 showing off your next greatest hit from Roblox.

Header and Thumbnail Image Photo Credit: Copyright © 2017 – ESA Entertainment Software Association