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The Do’s and Don’ts of Roblox

June 30, 2017

by Roblox


Playing and socializing with your friends on Roblox is a lot like being at the world’s biggest amusement park. Millions of people are joining every month, and there’s so many fun things to see and do. We love seeing our community come together to create great things, especially when it’s growing as rapidly as it is now! At the same time, we want to make sure everyone is having a good time. In that respect, it’s always important to take good care of your account.

Think of your account as your personal ticket inside; like any other valuable item, you wouldn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. As the community continues to grow, we’re committed to making sure that Roblox remains a fun and safe environment for everybody. Remember to keep these simple tips in mind for a safer, more enjoyable experience on Roblox!

If you think your account has been compromised, don’t fret! We’re here to help. Follow the steps listed in the guide here, and we’ll do our best to recover what we can. For more account safety tips, please visit our help page here.