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Discover Buried Treasure with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

May 15, 2017

by Roblox


Shiver me timbers, the Pirates of the Caribbean have reached the shores of Roblox! Now’s your chance to set sail for daring adventures and buried treasure. From now until May 28, pirates have taken over three classic games, bringing with them spooky ghosts and secret riches. Become a swashbuckling buccaneer and set sail to win free prizes! If you can complete all six missions and earn each prize, you’ll also be rewarded with a Grand Prize! Don’t forget to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, in theaters May 26!

ROBLOX Deathrun – Blimey, an ill-fated wind has given rise to a ghastly horde of undead pirates! Dash through an unexplored tropical island and escape from these formidable foes or face an untimely demise. Finish in the top 3 or collect the treasure chests around Pirate Cove before time runs out to win exclusive virtual items!

Tradelands – What’s a sailor without their ship? Build the finest vessel in all the seven seas, and speak with the mysterious old captain to reveal clues to an ancient treasure on a faraway land. For even more treasure, speak with the bounty hunter to begin a new quest against an opposing faction.

Hide and Seek Extreme – You’ll be hunting down more than a few treacherous buccaneers in this harrowing adventure. Embark on a quest to find a mysterious ring to earn a treasure most befitting of a legendary pirate. You can win even more loot by collecting 10 coins and winning a round in Cursed Cavern.

Check out the Buried Treasure Event Page!