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Submit Your Game for Roblox Tournaments!

April 11, 2017

by Roblox

Community Creators

For years, Roblox has hosted fun and exciting live streams on our Twitch channel, from our Game Spotlight to The Next Level shows. Now, we plan to create new challenges where players, developers, and Roblox staff members can go head-to-head in fierce competitions. Tournaments will be an exciting new vein of our streaming content. Your game could receive extensive playtime if it meets the requirements below!

What Games Will We Be Playing?

How about yours? We’re looking for lots of fun Roblox games that can be used in tournaments. The world of Roblox is huge, and we want to play all kinds of games to reflect that. If you want to submit your Roblox game for future tournaments, it must follow these guidelines:

  • FilteringEnabled: These games will be prominently featured on our Twitch stream. To ensure that the stream is a safe and fun experience for kids of all ages, all games must be FilteringEnabled.
  • Competitive: Since this is a competition, the games need to have at the very least some kind of metric that can be measured to determine a winner.
  • Team Selection: As mentioned before, the game doesn’t have to be any one style or genre. We want to showcase the range of games that can be played on Roblox. That said, since this is a competition, the game needs to be structured clearly into either “Team” or “Free For All” play (because, at the end of the day, there needs to be a clear winner). If the game uses team-play, the competitors need to be able to select which team they are on when they join the game. This is because any such teams will be announced on the stream before the game actually starts.
  • Game Length: We only have a limited time to showcase each game, and we plan to put the competitors through several rounds of multiple games on each stream. While we can be flexible and occasionally show longer games, we are looking for games that can be played quickly. Ideally, each round should take 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Spectate Mode: In order to properly view and commentate on the players, each game must have the ability for a non-competitor to be in the game and have an unrestricted view of the action. The exact form that a spectator can take will naturally be dependent on the game, but here are a few general guidelines:
    • The camera should preferably be a 3rd person follow cam. 1st person or free-flying cameras are acceptable as options, but there should always be the ability to see and follow the featured player automatically.
    • The spectator should also be the game manager and should have control over when a round starts (or stops if appropriate). The spectator should therefore have controls to manage the flow of gameplay to coincide with the timing of the Twitch stream.
    • When a player joins the game, they should have the option to join as a competitor or spectator.
    • The spectator should have a GUI element that clearly shows which player is being followed. There should also be clear GUIs that indicate the winning metrics so that the competition can be evaluated at any given moment.

If your game meets these requirements and you want to see it used in Roblox Tournaments, click here to send us the link to your game. If you’re excited about the new segment or want to give us feedback, let us know either on the forums or on social media.

Roblox developers, we hope that this inspires you to continue making incredible games. See you on the air!