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New Body Movers

April 6, 2017

by timobius & chefdeletat

Product & Tech Creators

Today we’re excited to introduce our new body movers system in Studio! Designed to take advantage of the attachment/constraint system, these upgraded movers come with some cool new features and advanced user capabilities. Three cheers for more functionality!

What’s great about these new movers is that everything you could do previously with the original movers is still possible, but now they offer dramatically improved performance. Below are a few simple demonstrations showing some of the new body movers in action. These examples are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. There’s still plenty of room to get creative and start making incredibly intricate mechanisms that behave in a physically realistic manner.

VectorForce – Used to apply a force to a part or assembly of parts.


LineForce – Used to apply a force along a line between two points.


Torque – A TorqueActuator is used to apply a torque to a part or assembly.


AlignPosition – Used to apply a force towards a location.


AlignOrientation – A constraint that applies a torque to make its attachments align.

Roblox’s engineering team is constantly pushing the boundaries of our physics engine. Whether we’re working on implementing various optimizations or testing new features as requested by the community, our goal is to continually improve the behavior and authenticity of your creations. We think these new movers are a great step forward for Roblox physics, providing developers with more freedom and more opportunities to build anything they can imagine. We can’t wait to see what kinds of awesome contraptions the community will make.  

To get the lowdown on all things body movers, check out our recent DevForum post. There, you’ll be able to learn more about how to to create these movers in Studio and how they interact with each other. In the meantime, use the hashtag #RobloxDev to share your creations with the community and stay tuned on the Roblox Blog for more news soon.