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Meet EthanGamer!

April 14, 2017

by OrcaSparkles

Community Creators

EthanGamer is a popular YouTube streamer who has been playing Roblox for most of his three-year streaming career. He hosts fun and family-friendly streams for the Roblox community, and has been growing in popularity ever since. Now he streams Roblox games all the time, from Treelands and Polyguns to Escape the Evil Teacher Obby! It’s such a joy to watch Ethan stream his games, since it’s very clear he’s having such a genuinely fun time! We spoke to Ethan about his experience as a Roblox streamer, and how he got his start.


How did you get into Roblox?

I started playing Survive the Disasters on iPad, and then I started playing other Roblox games.

What do you like about Roblox?

Everything! I love that there are so many different and cool games to play, and that you can play with other players.


What’s your favorite Roblox game?

Way too many awesome games to pick one. SO MANY!!!


We agree; there are far too many amazing games to pick just one! So, when did you start making videos?

When I was seven.


Why did you decide to start making videos on Roblox?

Because it was my favorite game and still is!


How do you feel about your Roblox videos making a large impact on the Roblox community?

I’m happy and proud. I love that so many kids are playing Roblox because they’ve watched my videos.


How can Roblox enhance your video making experience?

Sometimes it can be hard to record a video because fans want to talk to me and play with me, which is awesome, but sometimes I need to concentrate. It would be cool if I could disguise my character or cloak it, so other players don’t know I’m in the server.


Are there any Roblox video makers who inspired you?

When I started making videos, it was only really Bereghost who made videos on Roblox. But now there are so many cool YouTubers that play it, which is epic.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to make Roblox videos?

Have fun! Don’t rage quit, and be kind and respectful to other players.


Want to give any shoutouts?

Shout out to all my fans for being incredible and supporting me. Also shout out to Wesley and Zomebody for making the Ethan Gamer Minigames game, and for being epic Roblox devs!


And finally, do you have any future plans for videos on Roblox you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?

Virtual reality Roblox! And just lots and lots more Roblox videos!

You can watch EthanGamer on his YouTube channel, EthanGamerTV, where he has been streaming the 2017 Egg Hunt!