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Creator Showcase: Lanturn845’s Ethereal Islands

April 20, 2017

by OrcaSparkles

Community Creators

In Lanturn845’s description of his amazing showcase Ethereal Islands, he mentions sometimes getting caught up in the big things in our lives. Here in this showcase, Lanturn845 wants us to take a minute to relax and notice the beauty in the small details – and you’ll find plenty of them in Ethereal Islands!

When you arrive on the Ethereal Islands, you are surrounded by water and a beautiful night sky, filled with clouds and stars. A calm piano piece accompanies this aesthetic. It’s a very serene place to explore. The detail on all four islands is incredible, especially the bridge, trees, and grass! There are also small golden cubes, which feel like glitter or fireflies.

There are four islands, two of which are explorable and are connected by a wooden bridge. If you cross this bridge, you can also follow a set of stairs to a small cave underneath the island. It’s turquoise and filled with crystals, a perfect place to hide!

Lanturn845 also chose to include a few benches and chairs, for those who wish to sit and enjoy looking out at the calming ocean. You can almost hear the gentle roll of the waves as you glance out at the vast body of water. It’s very peaceful!

We spoke to Lanturn845 about his experience creating this showcase:


About how long did it take you to make Ethereal Islands?

Ethereal Islands was made in an astounding amount of time. I wanted a project with some sincere individuality, so I gave myself a due date of only a day! Hence why the build itself has a creation date the same as its last updated date.


Wow! Only one day! So, how exactly did you go about making Ethereal Islands?

I wanted to make things as detailed as possible. For example, the bridge has an absurd amount of detail. And the islands are floating because it’s better than having a body of water around them. Altogether, these kinds of details make the showcase feel more…ethereal.


Any interesting facts about Ethereal Islands?

This showcase was a “one-shot-one-kill” type of project, as I had only one day to complete it. However, there is one error in the showcase; you can walk through the bench!

What got you into building on Roblox in the first place?

I’m going to be real honest; I wanted to play a 3D game for free and see if I could build an awesome castle! I discovered Roblox in 2014 and wanted to put my 3D modeling to the test by constructing Ethereal Islands!


When you joined, did any other builders on Roblox inspire you?

There’s one builder on Roblox that I found to be extremely inspiringa user who goes by the name Mountebank. He helped me come up with ideas for building. One of his showcases, “Time Island,” inspired me to create an island-themed showcase. I wanted to prove to the community that building awesome things does not require time and talent, but rather persistence!


You mentioned that building awesome things requires persistence. Do you have tips for other builders who want to make games similar to yours?

I have one tip that will help several builders who are in need of motivation. If you are struggling to build a showcase, try finding motivation by building a smaller showcase! The reason why I built Ethereal Islands is because the showcase itself is small, but I was still very motivated!


Anything our users can look forward to from you in the future?

I can’t promise any new showcases because my time on Roblox is limited, but I will see if I can build more island-themed worlds. I’m still considering building a new showcase!