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Interview with SallyGreenGamer, a Family-Friendly Roblox Streamer

March 24, 2017

by SlingshotJunkie

Community Creators

SallyGreenGamer is an inspirational YouTube star known for her family-friendly Roblox streams. We’ve been wanting to chat with her for a while now, and what better time to do it than National Women’s Month! We’ve asked her about everything, from her favorite games to advice for new streamers. Whether you’re interested in creating YouTube content or you just love SallyGreenGamer, this is the interview for you!


Sally, we love your family-friendly content! What made you want to start creating your unique style on YouTube?

I watched YouTube for years, and I love gaming and I love talking—when I watched other gaming videos, I always thought that I could do it too! I was also disappointed by the amount of foul language and lack of family friendly/kid friendly channels for me and my family to watch. So, when I finally decided to make my own YouTube channel, that was my goal.

Are there any YouTubers/creators who inspired you?

I was originally inspired by iHasCupquake years ago, but in terms of my current YouTube content, I am more inspired by the creators and developers of the games that I play. The community of Robloxians is amazing!


How did you learn about Roblox?

From my kids! We are a very digital/technological family and my daughters have been playing videos games since they were old enough to click a mouse.  They introduced me to Roblox and taught me how to play!


Is there a story behind your Roblox username?

Yes! The account that I currently play on I originally made for my middle daughter, who is now 13. She had this weird phase of picking names for characters or avatars in games that had two consonants in them like BeeBee or CeeCee and so when she decided on a Roblox name- it was Geegee. The 92 was a totally random thing.  So, Geegee92 it is! I played Roblox as a guest for a long time, and when I decided to start recording it for my channel, my daughter had sort of retired from Roblox and so I used her account. Since I had purchased lots and lots of Robux for her in the past, she had really cool stuff already!


What’s your favorite Roblox game?

MeepCity tied with Deathrun—but honestly, it’s really hard to pick!

When did you realize that Roblox was a great platform to make videos?

I love the variety of games and the imagination that goes into making them! I love that one second I can be jumping to my death in an obby, and the next second I can be cruising around a High School, and then I can be shooting space aliens, then I can be dressing up like a princess! All in one sitting! It really makes for easy gameplay videos because I can pick whatever I’m in the mood for.


Do you have any suggestions on how Roblox can enhance your video making experience?

The only issues I have encountered are some games won’t allow you to toggle the chat box closed—and I don’t always want chat in my videos; some games allow or have access to or use copyrighted music, so I usually have to play with the sound off. It would be cool to differentiate between sound effects and music in games—so I can hear effects without fear of copyrighted music. I feel like that would be a more immersive experience for my videos.


Do you have any advice for new streamers?

Just be yourself! Play what you love! Understand your strengths and use them. Take notes from other content creators of things you like (or don’t like) and incorporate that into your own personal style. Define your brand; what makes you unique? What makes you YOU? Find it and run with it!

Do you have any messages for all the female video creators out there?

Keep going! Don’t let drama or haters bring you down. Understand that other people’s jealousy of your success only means you are doing it right! Don’t rely upon only your physical assets and your looks; bring the whole package! Brains and personality mean just as much, if not more, than a pretty face.


Can you give us a sneak peak into some of your plans for future Roblox content?

I do daily Roblox uploads, I definitely plan to continue that. I also love to jump in on special events that Roblox does. There will also be many more collabs with my husband and kids!

Thanks for letting us interview you!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sally better—we sure enjoyed interviewing her! If you want to watch her amazing content, you can find her on YouTube as SallyGreenGamer. You can also find her on Twitter at @SallyGreenGamer. Thanks for reading!

Keep an eye out as we continue the Roblox Women’s Month interviews!