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Interview with Beeism, One of Many Amazing Female Developers

March 29, 2017

by OrcaSparkles

Community Creators

In honor of National Women’s Month, we interviewed Beeism, one of the amazing women developers on Roblox! Not only has she helped develop a handful of games, but she’s also been a friendly and positive impact on the community. In our interview with her, Beeism tells us all about her Roblox experiences!

How did you coin your Roblox username?

Bee has always been my nicknameshort for “Beezy,” which is a term of endearment used by me and my five sisters. As I got older (and probably louder and more demanding!), I earned the nickname Queen Bee. I finally settled on Beeism because it was short and memorable.


How did you find Roblox?

About three years ago, I broke my foot in six places in an off-road accident. I could hardly move, so I was stuck on the couch for six weeks. I was browsing the internet for any kind of entertainment, and came across Roblox. The rest is history.


What was the first game you ever played on Roblox?

Natural Disaster Survival. Nothing beats pure chaos and huge servers…or standing on ladders blocking people trying to escape a flood, hehe!


Enough about Roblox (for now)…How did you get into developing?

I remember looking at different maps all around Roblox, and I was impressed with how unique each one was. I’ve always loved creating things, and I like teaching myself new things. I’m a pretty obsessive person, so for me to find a creative outlet like this with endless possibilities was just fate.

I opened Studio for the first time with no plans at all, just exploring the interface and taking apart free models to see how they were built. Playing with smooth terrain was really fun. When I learned how to negate parts and union, it was a whole new world. I wanted to learn anything and everything that had to do with Roblox development. And that “craving” has only gotten stronger as I continue to expand my knowledge and gain experience.


Are there any developers that inspire you?

Hundreds and hundreds of Roblox developers inspire me, quite literally! This community is filled with more talent than I can keep track of! Some of my favorite devs are Stickmasterluke, Myzta, Tomarty, Polyhex, Nikilis, Nightgaladeld, Thelolguy301, TrainedDoorman, AricsuI, ObscureEntity, SummerEquinox, WentLimited, CloneTrooper1019, NowDoTheHarlemShake, TypicalType, Ravenshield, Yourius, KrixYaz, Alexnewtron, Quenty, Widgeon, and I could keep typing names forever!


What was the first Roblox game you ever worked on?

The first game I contributed to was Twisted Murder. I made a bowling alley that resembled the one just down my street. My first entire game I built was Demented Defense. It was fun to build the semi-realistic but whimsical and dark maps. The weapons were a blast to make too, everything from chainsaws to guns and even scythes and a spear gun.

Beeism’s first solo build, Demented Defense


Are there any challenges you face when building? What is one of the hardest things about building?

Motivation, focus, and momentum are probably the biggest obstacles. I’m still finding ways to push through those slow days. The best advice I ever got was from Stickmasterluke, and he told me that when I lose motivation to remember why I started. That pulls me back in every time.


Your personal side project is Potions & Poisons. What gave you the idea for this game?

I’ve always been a fan of obbys and admin games. One day I was talking to KinqAndi and mentioned I wanted to build an obby to learn scripting. An obstacle course is supposed to be one of the easiest games to script, so I thought, “PERFECT! I’ll build an obby.”

I thought it would be neat to have it all set up as an open world and you get to pick which obstacle you wanna try (like an amusement park, only the rides are obstacles), instead of having to do them in order. Then I thought, well there needs to be some kinda reward at the end of each obstacle. “Maybe just one admin command can be earned for each part of the obstacle course you finish.” Then it hit me, collect ingredients to craft POTIONS to give you admin commands! Like high jump, speed, breathe underwater, or poisons which make you freeze, explode, and shrink. Once I had the idea of the potions, I just ran with it. We’re probably up to like 25 potions and poisons now with a lot more on the way.

Potions & Poisons, Beeism’s personal project


Any advice that you want to give to other female developers on Roblox?

Have confidence, but more importantly, perseverance! Don’t let anyone shake your foundation. Know exactly who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s okay to not know everything, and don’t be afraid to ask! And if you’re not already involved in the Roblox Twitter community come join us, you’re going to find so much support from so many people!


Any shoutouts you’d like to give?

There are so many people I’m incredibly grateful to have met and even worked with. Taymaster gave me my first break for accepting my map for Twisted Murder, so I owe a huge shout out to him and CanadianSanic (The_Canuck). My followers on Twitter are insanely supportive of everything I do, even when I post my not-so-great work and glitches. They’re my support system I’ve leaned on for years now, so thank so much; I appreciate each and every one of you.

And of course my girls!! Myzta, xJennyBeanx, Lilly_S, EvilArtist, AmazingAbs, Pumpisa and so many more. A HUGE shout out to the teams behind all the games I’m a part of, and a special shoutout to Roblox and their staff who make the dream possible. You guys are the best, and I’m so proud to be apart of this community. Oh, and Woodreviewer, for always keeping me on my toes. My builds that include wood have gone up 10 notches since the day s/he followed me, so thank you for that.


Are there any future projects you can share with us that you’re excited for?

I’m working a game called Blueshift, created by Dogbreath Studios (@dogbreathrblx). Blueshift is a huge sci-fi RPG where you can write your own story, fight monsters, hone your skills, or accumulate wealth. You can team up with friends and buy massive capital ships and go to war or just take the peaceful route and build a city. There’s going to be something for everyone in this game, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.

Upcoming Blueshift project


Thanks for letting us interview you, Beeism! You can find Beeism on Twitter at @BeeismRblx. Look for Blueshift coming soon, and stay tuned for a second blog post about Beeism’s collaboration project, From the Deep!