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Get Creative in Roblox’s Innovation Tycoon Event

March 13, 2017

by Roblox

Community Events

Much like Roblox, tycoon games thrive on powering your imagination. Players jump into tycoon games for the chance to build from the ground up. What you build can be anythingtheme parks, stores, even entire mining operations! Now we’re giving you the chance to take on new challenges and even win free virtual items! From now until March 21, we’ve updated three popular Roblox tycoon games so you can push your creativity. Gather resources, create your empire, and earn prizes today!

Theme Park Tycoon – As owner of the world’s biggest, wildest, most adrenaline-pumping theme park attractions of all time, you now have a special opportunity to make sure the new Phase-Turbine Roller Coaster is a resounding success! Find a nice spot in your park to build this ride, because you’re going to need to make $500 from it to win an exclusive accessory for your avatar.   

Retail Tycoon – When you’re on your way to becoming a big-time retail tycoon, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Fortunately, Compy Foods is interested in potentially becoming a partner. Here’s the catch: you’ll need to somehow manage to sell at least 100 bags of their premium CompyChyp Energy Potato Chips to customers. If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with a special virtual item for your avatar!

Miner’s Haven – “Being a steel tycoon is easy!” said no one ever. Hopefully, however, you can be one of the first. To fulfill this mission, you’ll need to work your mining magic to turn Iron into High Quality Steel by building a High Quality Steel Refinery. Once you have collected enough High Quality Steel, sell at least $10,000 worth to the Traveling Merchant to claim a new virtual item for your avatar.