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The 2017 Roblox Egg Hunt Game is Coming Soon!

March 17, 2017

by Roblox


This year’s Egg Hunt is already shaping up to be one of our most ambitious events ever, with even more surprises and mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. In just a few weeks’ time, you and your friends will get to go on a perilous adventure searching for over 40 different eggs across a variety of massive worlds crafted exclusively for this special event. Some eggs might be more difficult to find than others. We’ve even thrown in a couple secret bonus eggs for those completionists out there. Each egg unlocks an awesome new hat for your avatar.

You’ll be able to wear the eggs you found, just like this one from last year’s event! For our 2017 Egg Hunt though, pirates are totally in fashion this year.

Although we can’t show you all the eggs just yet, we wanted to give you all a chance to see some of them before the event starts. Earlier this week, we posed a challenge to our community on Twitter: Reply, retweet, or like our Egg Hunt 2017 teaser photo to reveal three eggs. You completely smashed our goals! Thanks to your efforts, we’re excited to unveil the Seal Egg, Pirate Egg, and Volcano Egg!

We have even more mystery eggs to show you, and another challenge to reveal them before the event starts! Stay tuned to our Twitter @Roblox for more information. We’ll be seeing you in the Eggverse soon!