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Meet InceptionTime!

February 6, 2017

by Orca_Sparkles


InceptionTime has been an amazing member of the Roblox community for nine years, and has been working for Roblox for over a year! He’s known for his friendly and helpful attitude, and he’s always willing to lend a hand to both Roblox users and his team alike. We’ve asked him a few questions about how he found Roblox, his favorite games, and more!

How did you find Roblox?

I found Roblox in 2008 from an advertisement on an old flash game site. I clicked the advert, signed up on Roblox, and started playing some games. I remember playing some “build to survive” games, which was really entertaining. After a while, I left that game and continued to explore all the other games.


What made you keep coming back to Roblox?

What kept me coming back was the vast majority of games that was available on Roblox. If I got bored of playing one game, I’d just have to go onto the games page and find another one to play. I also made a couple of friends on Roblox.


What is your favorite game on Roblox?

Right now, my favorite game is Identity Fraud, created by the group Team M0THERB0ARD. The game has a lot of challenges, such as finding your way through three mazes, surviving the monsters that can be found around the mazes, and then some decrypting. I won’t spoil the game too much, but you should give it a try if you haven’t already!

How did you get a job at Roblox?

I’ve been playing Roblox since 2008 and I’ve always wanted to help Roblox in some sort of way. I luckily started out by voluntarily moderating the Twitch channel, which allowed me to grow my reputation with the Roblox community. Once I reached the age to apply for a job at Roblox (18 or older) and the job position was available, I gave it a shot. My experience as a veteran player and having previously moderated the Twitch channel helped a lot to help me get the job.


What do you do at Roblox?

I’m a Community Engagement Representative at Roblox. We basically do anything community related. Our main task is to moderate the forums, so you’ll see us on there a lot talking to everyone. Our side tasks consist of Twitch streaming, writing blog posts, social media, and a couple of other things. We do a lot at Roblox and it is a lot of fun!


What was the first game you ever streamed?

I actually don’t remember what the first game was, although I believe it might have been a Twitch challenge game. I used to stream a lot before I was hired at Roblox. I had a set schedule and awesome viewers that came to watch me play games that they suggested. This was all back in 2014.


What made you want to start streaming?

I started streaming from the Twitch challenges that The Next Level used to do (Twitch or it didn’t happen). I won a couple of the challenges and then I started growing an audience, which then led to me branching out and streaming games that were suggested to me.

When you started streaming, did you start on your own or with a group of people?

At first, I was going solo just to complete the Twitch challenges. Over the months, I started making friends from streaming and gathered up a little team.

This team consisted of some other Twitch challengers, such as my good friends boring and LadyLegasus. Over time, some of my viewers became people I streamed with, such as KaceyWillEatChu, BOZZSYLUX, and a couple of other users.

My stream team has changed a lot over the months, some people got busy and some people went on to do other things.

If you want to start doing streams, I highly suggest starting out by playing games with your friends as it can be more entertaining and keeps you talking instead of waiting for people to watch your stream and chat. Once you grow your audience and have people chatting, then it’s easier to do solo streams as you can connect with your audience more and you can answer any questions they have at ease and without having to talk over your friends.


What advice would you give to someone who’d like to work at Roblox someday?

The best place to start is to start by helping out others, be nice to everyone, and try to stay out of drama. Try to make yourself stand out, maybe start streaming, getting more involved with the Roblox community on Twitter. Do anything that will make your name stand out in a good way. You should also make sure to start gaining experience with what you want to do early.


In what ways do you feel Roblox has impacted your life?

Roblox has impacted my life on a huge scale. I’ve been playing since I was 11. During that time, I’ve met so many amazing people some I still talk to and have become really good friends with. On top of that, when I applied for University, I wrote about developing on Roblox. My essay caught the eyes of the people reviewing new students because I was doing things related to the course outside of University already. So, if you are a developer and applying for University/College, make sure to mention Roblox when you apply.

What kinds of games do you want to see next on Roblox?

I want to see more VR-related games. I was recently in a game with some friends, and they enabled VR support because they wanted to test it out. I can confirm that playing games with someone who has VR is so much fun!

P.S. I also want a VR headset. 😉


How did you come up with the name “InceptionTime”?

I came up with the username InceptionTime from the movie Inception. I thought it was a really good film. One of the main songs in the movie, “Time,” was also amazing. So, I put the two together and came up with InceptionTime.


Any shoutouts?

I want to give a big shoutout to the Community Team: SlingshotJunkie, Orca_Sparkles, SilentBuddy, Terrisaurus, felicisphoenix, Mr_Root, legoseed, and Briarroze.

I also want to give a big shoutout to everyone that watches my streams (you guys are awesome!), as well as my stream team for being awesome (KaceyWillEatChu, Buddyism, boring, BOZZSYLUX, Nightgaladeld, Jody7777, MasterOfTheElements, DieSoft and Simoon68).

And a big shoutout to you for reading, you are amazing!

You can find InceptionTime on Twitter at @InceptionTimeRB, on the Roblox forums, or on one of his many streams on Twitch!

A special thanks goes out to IDontHaveAUse for his awesome render of InceptionTime, used in the banner for this blog post! Check out more of his art in issue 8 of THEM Magazines (pages 26-27)!