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Dash Through the Snow for the 2017 Roblox Winter Games!

February 15, 2017

by Roblox


It’s a white winter here at Roblox! For the rest of this month, you can play in the snow to win prizes at the 2017 Roblox Winter Games!

Whether you like to make snow forts or get cozy by the fire, winter at Roblox is a time for cheer and community. What better place to enjoy the season than at the Roblox Ski Lodge? But there’s been a catastrophe this year: someone has stolen all the Ski Lodge supplies! Now we need your help to get back the stolen goods to bring winter joy to Roblox! Find these special Roblox items in three newly transformed games to win exclusive virtual items!

Speed Run 4 – Fresh snow has fallen over Speed Run 4, giving you a brand new black diamond ski course! Can you find the snowflakes before you wipe out? Collect all 10 snowflakes in the special Winter Games level and win a special prize for those snowy mountain hikes!

Lumber Tycoon 2 – After a long day at the slopes, it’s great to curl up by the fire at the Roblox Ski Lodge. There’s only one problem – the Lodge has no more wood to burn! Lend a hand in Lumber Tycoon 2 by collecting Glowing Fir Trees, and deposit the wood in the Glow-Wood bin nearby the Cabin until it’s full. If you can do it, you’ll be rewarded with a special cozy gift!

Freeze Tag – On those cold Winter nights, nothing warms you up like a cup of hot chocolate. That’s why in this special game of Freeze Tag, you can thaw out frozen players with Hot Chocolate from dispensers across the map! If you can find the Hot Chocolate and unfreeze 10 players in one round, you’ll get a cool accessory to fend off the cold!

Check out the Roblox Winter Games Page!

The Roblox Winter Games last until February 28, so have fun and stay frosty!