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Changes to Game Thumbnails

February 03, 2017

by Roblox


Starting today (Friday, February 3), we are changing the default thumbnail system. This change will not affect those who have custom game icons and thumbnails. But if you rely on the default/auto-generated thumbnails, it will be replaced with a random selection from one of twelve new default icons.

If you prefer using your old default thumbnail, switching back is easy and completely free. We are also reducing the overall cost for adding thumbnails to help everyone find a fresh game icon they enjoy.

Here is a preview of some of the new default thumbnails:

Here is how the interface will look with the new default icons:

Here is a synopsis of the upcoming changes and what they mean for the community:

  1. Auto-generated thumbnails are no longer default
  2. You can switch back to an auto-generated thumbnail for free once it has been reviewed by the Roblox moderation team
  3. Existing custom icons will be unchanged
  4. The overall cost to update thumbnails is being reduced from 20 Robux -> 10 Robux

We hope these changes will help make default thumbnails safer and custom icons more approachable for everyone. For more information on thumbnails, how to add custom thumbnails, and more, please refer to our Wiki page here