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Let’s Play Roblox: From Then to Now

January 23, 2017

by SlingshotJunkie


If you’re ever around on Wednesdays, you may have heard of #LetsPlayRoblox. Even if you haven’t, I would like to share with you all about the history of our show and the journey we’ve taken:

Our Journey So Far

If you’re a hardcore fan of Let’s Play Roblox, you may remember our first episode back on February 17, 2016 when we played through Super Paper Roblox, a game created by Explode1. But fun fact: That wasn’t our first stream. Let’s Play Roblox actually started back in 2015 when Gordonrox24, Orca_Sparkles, and I played Wheel of Fortune. It was one of the first community streams of Roblox, and we had a blast! While we only had about 100 viewers at the time, it was the start of the experience that would later become Let’s Play Roblox.

We came from humble beginnings; we just wanted to stream cool Roblox content, and with your support we eventually developed into an alternative show for people to tune in if they couldn’t make it for our other Twitch show, The Next Level. The original idea behind Let’s Play Roblox was to play more long-form content, playing through games every week until we finished them. That was later dropped by viewer request; people just wanted to see more games! That’s when we started doing weekly themes. Every week, anyone on Twitter could vote for the week’s theme, and the fans have come up with some great ones! We’ve played everything from Roblox’s Best Minigames in Episode 3 to Spy Games in Episode 11, and even Robot games in Episode 40. We wanted to showcase a wide variety of games that would both be entertaining to watch and fun to try out whenever players were looking for a new game to play.

In the past three months alone, we’ve been able to garner over 350,000 new viewers and nearly 3,000 new followers just over the course of 16 hours of streaming! None of this would be possible without our dedicated fans who really make the show what it is.

The Fans

Let’s Play Roblox wouldn’t be where it is today–on the verge of one year of streaming–if not for our amazing fans. We’ve received some of the greatest (and funniest) fan art over the past year. Whether it’s Domiscius’ hilarious gifs, ss4tein’s awesome fan logo (which we used for the early streams), or any of the hundreds of other creators that have made us awesome art, we can’t thank you enough! Our fans are what keep us motivated and we’re so happy to make other people happy. Check out some of their art!

Image by KaceyWillEatChu


Image by Domiscius

And who could forget Craftero’s post-show art:

The Future

We’ve had a great ride so far and we’re going to continue as long as you guys continue to watch us! We have an exciting event coming up on Episode #50 this Wednesday, January 25, a look back at all the best Let’s Play Roblox games! So, if you’ve never seen an episode, why not check us out? We stream every Wednesday on from 2:00 PM PST to 3:30 PM PST. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this short look back at our journey so far, and I’m excited for you to join us for the journey ahead.

And as always,

Until next time, keep on watchin’ our streams!