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Fight for Honor, Glory, and Prizes in the Roblox Medieval Battle Event

January 18, 2017

by Roblox

Community Events

The Medieval Kingdom of Robloxia is an ancient land of untold riches. Warriors fight to conquer the land. Bandits roam the streets in search of wealth and power. Rare artifacts lay hidden for you to discover. This is thy time to fight for thy Kingdom. Explore dungeons, battle thieves, collect gold, and create gear as you play in our Medieval Battle Event! Complete the missions in these featured events to win prizes fit for a king:

Fallow Mire – Deep in the Fallow Mire, you hear a voice calling thy name. You have been summoned to this scourged land to wipe out the bandits that are plaguing it. Sharpen your blade of beaten steel, and fight for honor and glory! If you can defeat 40 Bandits, thou shalt receive a prodigious mace that can conquer the most fearsome of combatants.

Heroes! – Legend says that a glorious blade resides somewhere in the depths of this dark dungeon. Take care, noble knight, that thou dost not fall prey to the shadowy shapes that stalk thee. Be mindful of thy foes, and seek a way out. If thou findeth the ancient Elven Blade and wrought destruction upon 50 enemies, you will win a special accessory for your next adventure.

Azure Mines – What knight hath enough strength, determination, and perseverance to conquer these mines? Is it thou? Crafting the Guilded-Gold Pickaxe will require these goodly traits. Prove your skills in Azure Mines by collecting enough gold to forge this legendary tool, and you will receive one of the finest chest armors ever made.

Thou shalt be able to win prizes for a limited time only, so unsheathe thy blade and battle for Robloxia today!