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Holiday Giveaway!

December 1, 2016

by Roblox


December is a month for celebration, community, and at Roblox, presents! We want to celebrate this festive season with you by giving out incredible free gifts this month!

Over the month of December, we will add three special presents to the Catalog for you to claim for free. These will take the form of mysterious “Gifts,” which will only be available for a limited time. Once you claim your gift, it will stay unopened in your inventory until it goes off-sale in the Catalog. On that day, the gift will open and the box will be replaced with a cool item for you to bring into the new year!

Hm… What’s inside?

Our first present is available now, so grab it while you still can! The “Warm Gift of 2016” will stay on the Catalog until December 7th. We will be giving out three holiday presents total, one a week, so keep an eye out for more free gifts on the Catalog!

We have had an incredible year with all of you. These presents are a thank you to everyone who has brightened up the Roblox community. Happy holidays at Roblox, we hope you enjoy your gifts!