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DevEx Update: New Payment Options Coming Soon!

December 1, 2016


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By popular demand, we are expanding our Developer Exchange (DevEx) program to include even more ways to cash out. Starting today, select developers will be invited to participate in a beta test of our new DevEx portal. Get all the details here…

In an effort to further improve the DevEx experience, ROBLOX is implementing a variety of new, alternative payment methods (on top of PayPal). We understand that PayPal is not always going to be the preferred choice for some developers, especially if they have had difficulty cashing out with PayPal in the past. As a result, we are happy to give you the ability to select the payment method that works best for you.

Many of our newly added payment options – which range from wire transfers to paper checks – have their own transaction fees. Generally speaking, however, many of these new payment methods are cheaper than PayPal, and they’re all designed to accommodate every developer’s needs.

To support these alternative payment methods, ROBLOX is partnering with Tipalti, a third-party payment automation platform, to implement a new DevEx portal. We are currently conducting a beta test of this portal with a handful of developers from the community. Following the completion of the beta test, we will then launch the portal to all developers within the next couple of weeks. Look forward to an announcement of the full rollout soon on our Twitter @ROBLOX.  

The process to cash out your ROBUX remains the same. You will still be required to submit your DevEx requests through ROBLOX. After your request is vetted and approved, all users who have not yet created an account on our new DevEx portal will receive an email invitation to do so. Upon registering your account, you will be asked to enter your banking information (unless you specify PayPal as your preferred payment method) and your personal information. Tipalti is a trusted third-party provider that uses advanced encryption algorithms and rigorous security measures to ensure that all of your personal and banking information is completely safe. If this is your first time cashing out through the new DevEx portal, you will also be required to complete tax documents as well (see the Frequently Asked Questions guide below for more information).

Our goal is to make the cashing out process safer, more convenient, and more streamlined than ever before. We hope you enjoy the added freedom that these new payment options provide.

More information about ROBLOX’s DevEx program can be found here.


Q: What payment methods will be available?

A: Some payment methods’ availability depend on your country. Once you’ve signed up for a DevEx portal account, you will see all payment methods available to you, along with respective fees.


Q: Is there a risk of my funds freezing?

A: Developers will never get their funds frozen (unless the developer chooses PayPal as a payment method). Transactions MAY get flagged for review, but any cleared transactions are in developers’ control.


Q: Can I cash out in a currency other than USD?

A: Yes. Developers can be paid in a foreign currency (for a fee) if they do not wish to receive funds in USD.


Q: This is my first time cashing out. What is the tax form submission process like?

A: Submitting tax documents will now be a lot easier for new developers. The tax form submission process is fully digital and dynamic (non-relevant fields are removed from the tax forms depending on users’ prior entries). The new DevEx portal also provides a comprehensive step-by-step “help” function to help developers determine which tax form they need to submit.