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Nominations for the 2016 Bloxy Awards are Open!

November 14, 2016

by Roblox

Community Creators

The 2016 Bloxy Awards, a celebration of the many talented creators in our community, takes place in January 2017. This live-streamed event honors and showcases the coolest Roblox games and designs, the funniest videos, the most impressive groups, and more! This will be the largest Bloxys ceremony that we’ve ever held, with 29 categories for honoring members of the Roblox community!

Nominations for this year’s awards are now officially open for you to elect your favorite games, groups, videos, and more. Nominations will remain open until Friday, November 18th. The link to the entry form is below.

To nominate a game, video, group, or something else for a Bloxy, simply copy and paste the URL into the entry form in the corresponding box.

You don’t need to nominate entries in every category, so you can focus on members of the Roblox community that you want to give credit. You can only submit your nominations once so double-check your entries before you press the submit button. Then, tune in January to find out which of your favorites will win the Bloxy Awards!

You can vote for the following categories:

Roblox Developers

  • Favorite Breakout Game
  • Favorite Updated Game
  • Hardest Roblox Level
  • Best Boss Villain
  • Best Single Player Game
  • Best Team Based Multi-player Game
  • Best Free-For-All Multi-player Game
  • Game You’ve Spent the Most Hours Playing
  • Best Art Direction in a Game
  • Best Mobile Game

Roblox Builders

  • Favorite Showcase
  • Favorite Maps
  • Favorite Lobby
  • Favorite GUI

Roblox Creators

  • Best YouTube Channel
  • Best Comedic Rblx Video
  • Best Action Rblx Video
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Fan Art
  • Best GIF
  • Best Rblx Live Streamer
  • Best Original Score

Roblox Community

  • Favorite Clothing Company
  • Favorite Battle Group
  • Favorite Social Group

Top Prizes

  • Developer of the Year
  • Builder of the Year
  • Game of the Year
  • Video of the Year

Have fun sending nominations for the Bloxys! If you create content for Roblox, we highly encourage you to promote yourself and your content for nominations. Use the hashtag #BloxyAwards and join the discussion!

Click here to go to the 2016 Bloxy Awards Nomination Page