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Hallow’s Eve, Sponsored by Nerf

October 18, 2016

by Roblox


Under the pale light of a full moon, a howling wind whisks through the fog. Rattling chains and ominous groans echo in the distance. Someone, or something, is prowling in the shadows. But on this eerie night, there’s no need to fear – not with Roblox and Nerf by your side. Take back the night from the wicked ghosts, goblins, and ghouls of Hallow’s Eve with an all-new event featuring some of our spookiest surprises yet! You know the drill – complete the missions in the featured games below for a chance to win prizes. You’ll only be able to receive these rewards for a limited time, so scare up some fun with your friends today!

Flood Escape – Join your friends in a race against time as you attempt to escape the new Hallow’s Eve bonus level. Use your Nerf blaster to destroy the targets and the doors to escape from a watery grave. If you have the quickest trigger finger among your friends, you’ll have a chance to walk among the dead with these special zombie buddies. For the brave adventurers, survive on Hard difficulty with at least three button presses for a chance to win another prize. We hope you don’t have aquaphobia.

Freeze Tag – Equip yourself with a new specially-designed Nerf blaster in Freeze Tag to help your friends escape from your pursuers’ icy clutches. If you can get ten thaws with the Brain Saw in one round, you can win a prize. If you also win the round as a survivor, you can win a zombie mask that you can use to blend among the undead.

Hallows Eve: Bloktoberfest – And last but not least, join your friends on a trip to this eerie carnival and play our Halloween-themed mini-games! Defend yourself against a zombie invasion in the haunted house for a chance to win a prize. If you can find all the scavenger hunt items, you can win another prize as well.

Will you survive the night? Grab your Nerf blaster and play today!

Check out the Hallow’s Eve Event Page!