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Team Create Improvements

September 15, 2016

by twberg


Roblox developers rejoice! We’ve just shipped a host of long awaited enhancements for Team Create that will make building with friends even easier and more user-friendly, including a new Script Recovery widget, Team Test, and other quality-of-life improvements. Keep on reading to catch all the details about these latest upgrades.

Got Disconnected? Meet the Script Recovery Widget

We’ve recently introduced a new feature to Team Create that will help restore your hard work if you’re ever disconnected while editing a script. Scripts are now saved locally, so any changes you made prior to the disconnect can be reapplied as soon as you reconnect to the session.

If someone revised the script since you were last in the session, we will notify you that changes have been made and give you a widget to handle script conflicts yourself. We expect that this feature will be a huge lifesaver in case of an ill-timed network failure or system crash.


Enjoy Testing Games with Friends

Team Create was designed to be the ultimate collaborative building environment…and now it’s the ultimate collaborative game testing environment as well. To start testing games with your friends, click the test tab in Studio, select “Team Test” from the server drop-down menu, and then hit the start button.

After you hit start, a new Studio window will be created with a running simulation of the current state of the game. Other users can then join by going to the test tab and pressing the join button.

Explorer Jitters Begone!

The Explorer widget has been improved so it will be easier to keep track of the instance you’re currently editing. This feature effectively locks your position in the tree view, so even though other users are changing a lot of instances within the hierarchy, your view should remain relatively unchanged. We hope that this will help make the Explorer widget much more manageable and less distracting as parts are constantly being added or removed.


Optimize Your Debugging Experience with Breakpoints

Team Create now allows you to properly set Breakpoints in your scripts. If you’re unfamiliar with Breakpoints and how to use them, be sure to check out our Wiki article.

As we further enhance the capabilities of Team Create, we plan on ultimately phasing out the significantly lesser-used Build Mode function from Studio soon. As it stands now, Edit Mode is more popularly used among players, and it also provides you with a wider array of tools that you could use to continue creating innovative Roblox experiences. With the removal of Build Mode, we can begin focusing our attention on rolling out even bigger improvements for Team Create in the future. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see on our Developer Forum!

All of these newly announced features are available today for all users, so jump in, start building with your friends, and enjoy a much more streamlined experience! For more information about Team Create and these new updates, please visit our Wiki article here.