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Voltron Soars onto ROBLOX with a Brand New Game!

June 10, 2016


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Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the storm. I know; the evil Galra been comin’ for some time. But thankfully, Voltron, the Universe’s most powerful force for good, has arrived and now you can team up with friends to aid Voltron in bringing peace and justice to the universe. I don’t know why nobody told you how to unfold your lion robot. But it’s okay – because you can learn how in the new Custom Game showcasing Voltron!

  • Begin your journey by exploring galaxies in search of the five Lion Ships that comprise the Universe’s greatest protector hidden throughout space
  • Work with friends to form Voltron from the discovered Lions and defend the universe with a blazing sword and energy shield
  • Travel through space with your team and liberate planets from the bonds of the nefarious Galra Empire

Oh, did we forget to mention that there will also be some awesome prizes to win too? Because there will be.

And be sure to check out all the episodes of DreamWorks Voltron: Legendary Defender now streaming on Netflix.

Play Voltron: Legendary Defender Now!